Continuous innovation and renewed focus on consumer needs and competitive advantage

Customers Demand:
We Deliver

  • Strict Hygiene
  • Contemporary Style
  • Visual Appeal
  • Long-Life Protection

ICBP Packaging strives to utilize the latest technology and to meticulously guard the quality of its packaging, through excellence in print, lamination and slitting processes, supported by professional services in timely delivery. ICBP Packaging delivers total satisfaction to customers with added value beyond their basic packaging needs.

Currently, ICBP Packaging is focused on obtaining the most up-to-date technology in order to maintain its high-quality packaging, increase production efficiency and cater for the growth of the existing customer base while scouting for new customers.

In an effort to offer more to existing customers, ICBP Packaging will offer alternative printing techniques - such as Flexography - with the latest technologies as well as other types of packaging. A number of innovations and technological developments have also been fitted in the new factory, which will be completed by 2015