Continuous improvement of human resources, processing and technology

ICBP Packaging ensures that every individual involved in the Company's business activities possesses the skills and competence to deliver the best on-time service to customers.

In the conviction that professional employees are instrumental in supporting operational excellence, our Human Resource Development Program (HRDP) has been a key focus since the early 1990's. To further support and facilitate the HRDP, a Training Center was built at the Cakung (East Jakarta) plant in 2012.

Technical experts from global machinery manufacturers and raw material producers within the packaging industry are invited periodically from all parts of the world to instigate knowledge transfer to ICBP Packaging. In addition, management and employees are encouraged to frequently visit packaging-related exhibitions, both locally in Indonesia as well as overseas, in order to understand the latest global packaging trends and technologies, as well as innovations.

In order to ensure maximum employee productivity, regular health tests are made available to all employees and a SHE system is in place, to comply with prevailing standards of occupational safety and health protection. In addition to the provision of benefit facilities, ICBP Packaging secures maximum performance from each employee by conducting assessments that can detect and avert sub-standard attitudes and results.

To enhance internal team-building while promoting team spirit and solidarity across all divisions, Corporate Commitment Outbound is now a one of ICBP Packaging's annual events. In the community at large, ICBP Packaging is involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with a number of social activities which involve the communities surrounding the plants, as well as other meaningful activities carried out with local Government.