Oftentimes we as women take good care only of our outer appearance. Despite our attempts to look beautiful and attractive; starting from the way we dress up, the fashionable bag we carry and the high heel shoes we wear; they all would need to be supported by strong healthy bones.

Introducing Calciskim: high calcium milk with non fat, sugar-free and containing CPB - Complete Bone Protection, Colostrum Bone ProteinTM, Vitamin D and FOS. It is enriched with Vitamins A, C, E, and Zinc as antioxidant. The complete formula is highly beneficial to maintain solid, strong and healthy bones. Visit us on Facebook at, or at Twitter @Calciskim for stimulating tips on health, lifestyle and fashion, to help you always to look healthy, active and beautiful.

Healthy Bones, Beautiful You!
Sarimi isi 2
Sarimi isi 2 rasa Ayam Bawang, Garlic Chicken broth blended, toppings with chicken cuts, making the 'Sarimi rasa Ayam Bawang' tastes more delicious...

Sarimi isi 2 rasa Baso Sapi, topping with meatballs broth to make 'Sarimi rasa Baso Sapi' delicious and more fun to be enjoyed...
Indomie Iga Penyet
Inspired by the distinctive Indonesian cuisine, infused with a smokey aroma and hot spices, Indomie presents Indomie Goreng Iga Penyet, the one and only fantastic taste in Indonesia.

Get this latest Indomie variant at your nearest supermarket or mini-mart, and experience the fantastic spicy noodle taste, complete with crunchy barbeque flavour mini meat analogue.

Do visit our web site at and share your fantastic culinary experience of Indomie Goreng Iga Penyet at our Facebook fan page
New!! Ichi Ocha is a New Product from Indofood Asahi
New!! Ichi Ocha is a New Product from Indofood Asahi, It's a RTD Green Tea made from Ichiban tea, a premium grade Japan leaves, processed with 1x Proses Penyeduhan (1st brewed) create the no.1 taste and aroma.

Ichi Ocha, Feel the New Freshness of Japan Right Now!
Newly launch Popmie Goreng with two new flavors
Newly launch Popmie Goreng...with two new flavors - The Special sausage and The Hot grill sausage

Share your special moment and tag your photo with Popmie official Facebook Fanpage & Popmie official twitter
Indomie Taste of Asia
Inspired by international flavor, Indomie brings you Taste of Asia with worldwide recipes such as the sizzling Thailand-inspired Indomie Tom Yum, the sweet and savory Korean-style Indomie Bulgogi and the piquant Indomie Laksa typical of Singapore.

Get the new Indomie Taste of Asia variants from supermarkets or minimarkets near you to get the authentic Asian culinary experience and explore the Asian flavors of Indomie Laksa, Indomie Bulgogi and Indomie Tom Yum.

Also visit our Indomie website at and share your Asian flavor experience on our Facebook page
Kelezatan BARU! Supermi Semur Ayam
For ages, Semur has become one of Indonesian culinary flavor heritage passed from generation to generation. Now the Semur flavor comes and perfectly blends with the authentic taste of Supermi noodles in the new Supermi Semur Ayam. Made from the finest ingredients and flavor-rich seasonings, Supermi Semur Ayam creates an irreplaceable delicacy.

Get the new Supermi Semur Ayam from supermarkets or mini-markets near you. Visit also our Supermi website at and our Facebook page
Launching Racik Mie Goreng dan Racik Mie Rebus
Bumbu Racik Indofood present a complete solution in producing deliciously-tasting everyday menus with taste consistency. Now it is available in 12 daily-cooking variants.
Provita is the one and only tasty, nutritious, milk and cereal combine with wheat germ.
Govit Sagon Cereal is healthy snack made from cereal based with 11 vitamins and 4 mineral for kids aged 6-12 years old .The vitamins consist of vitamin A, B complex (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12), C, D, E, and K. Minerals consist of zinc, Iron, Yodium, and Copper. It is hygienically processed and without artificial color, artificial sweetener, MSG and preservatives added.
New PopMie
New PopMie... Bigger.. Better.. Tastier..