From its modest beginning as a single-factory production in Ancol, Jakarta, Indofood CBP's Noodles Division today operates 16 factories capable of producing over 15 billion packs annually to supply ever-growing demands.
Creative and innovative marketing approaches utilize both above and below the line programs, Indofood CBP has been critical in maintaining and strengthening its brands' awareness. Brands such as Indomie, which is one of Indonesia's most iconic brands, as well as Sarimi, Supermi, and Pop Mie, have been the brands of choice of the Indonesians for so many years.
Today, Noodles Division's products can be found everywhere in Indonesia, from street-side stalls in the capital cities to the local corner shops in the remote area of West Papua, as well as over 50 countries worldwide.
With domestic and overseas growth of the instant noodle market, Indofood CBP is fully committed to continue building Noodles Division for years to come.

Indomie has been launched since 1984 and now available in many countries , such as: USA, Australia, England, Middle east etc. Just don't miss all Indomie flavors.
You can't claim to be an Indonesian if you havent heard of Supermi. As an instant noodle, Supermi has been going through a long journey and had also had various changes of packaging. Now Supermi has a more modern feel and remains in a class of its own.
Sarimi is another product from Indofood that has long been providing delights for the Indonesian palate. Don't miss out on the various flavors that Sarimi has to offer including the latest Sarimi Soto Koya Jeruk Nipis and Sarimi Soto Koya Pedas.
Pop mie
Pop Mie is a practical form of instant noodles that is ready to keep you company at any given time. Simply pour in hot water, leave for five minutes, and you're all set!
Good price and good taste.
Pop bihun
Pop Bihun with various tasty mouthwatering flavors, can now be one of your main food choices. With unique delicious flavors and aromas, Pop Bihun offers a totally new way to enjoy your rice vermicelli.
Mi Telur Cap 3 Ayam
Easy to cook and hygienically processed following stringent quality standards, Mi Telur Cap 3 Ayam is the favorite egg noodle choice for many individuals. Make sure that you use it too for your daily cooking needs.
International Operations Division is the export arm of Indofood's branded products that covers sales and marketing activities to international markets. Indofood exports its products to more than 60 countries.

Indofood key export destinations among others are: the Netherlands, South Korea, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, East Timor, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Hongkong, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and USA.

Indofood offers a variety of products to export such as noodles, baby foods, sauce and instant seasonings, flour and pasta, edible oils and fats with high quality, excellence of taste and high level of acceptance with consumers. All Indofood products are halal certified.