Indofood CBP supports activities based on a sense of solidarity and humanity.

Indofood Cares
In the event of a natural disaster, ICBP ensures that an emergency response team will be able to reach the disaster area immediately. This is made possible due to ICBP's operational units across 15 provinces in Indonesia. ICBP and Indofood Group sets up public kitchens serving cooked noodles, biscuits, foods for babies and expecting mothers, as well as milk for evacuees and volunteers at the location of disaster.

ICBP built public kitchens and arranged food supplies for flood victims in Tabunio village, and also fire victims in Pandaan village, Liang Anggang village and Bendungan Hilir, Central Jakarta. ICBP also provided assistance for rehabilitation of bridges damaged by floods that affected potato farmers in Sembalun - Lombok.

Indofood Service Day
ICBP continue to support the blood donor program of the Indonesian Red Cross. Donors consist of ICBP employees and members of surrounding communities.