Indofood CBP continues to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships with its stakeholders through partnership programs in order to promote and drive sustainable economic development. The partnership program is intended for farmers, supplier groups, farmers' families, breeders, SME owners and the surrounding communities.

  • Partnerships with Farmers. ICBP develop sustainable agriculture partnership programs with various partners, including potato, cassava, palm sugar and chili farmers. Through the partnership programs, ICBP provides training, mentoring and assistance in breeding, planting, harvesting and post-harvest of commodities. ICBP continuously and consistently provides training and mentoring of Good Agricultural Practice for cassava farmers and raw material suppliers, to conduct sustainable farming techniques that are effective and environmentally friendly.

    ICBP Partnership with PIS Agro (Partnership for Indonesian Sustainable Agriculture) is one of Company endeavor to contribute to the development of sustainable farming in Indonesia.

  • Pojok Selera Program. ICBP has developed entrepreneurship training programs centered on non-rice-based food production for farmers' spouses and families such as spouses of cassava farmers in Malangbong - West Java; chili farmers in Jember and Lumajang; palm sugar farmers in Banyuwangi - East Java; potato farmers in Garut - West Java, cassava farmers in Tasikmalaya, fried shallot producers in Cirebon - West Java; and potato farmers in Brebes - Central Java.

    These entrepreneurship training programs aim to help women in communities to increase family incomes, both as individuals and as a group. This can also serve as a social safety net, especially when farmers experience crop failure or while waiting for harvests.

  • WARMINDO Business Development. In partnership with vendors and small and medium enterprises, ICBP provides mentoring for traders of Indomie Rebus (noodle soup). In the Greater Jakarta area, Indomie Rebus vendors, referred to as Warmindo, have been equipped with the knowledge to be able to manage their businesses professionally.